Friday, October 2, 2020

10/2-10/4 Camping and Off-Roading in Flagstaff

Our family took advantage of an open weekend and snuck out to Flagstaff to meet up with Lou in his Jeep for a few nights. We left later than planned on Friday causing us to roll into camp just outside the Lava Tubes around 8pm that night. To our unpleasant surprise, we found it to be a chilly night for early October. Combined with a campfire ban left our group a bit nippy! But nonetheless, a great night was had and we got up early to start our next day. 

Saturday morning sunshine quickly warmed us as we headed out to Cinder Hills Off road park. The plan was to do the 13 mile loop around the park but our day took an unexpected turn. As we were having lunch in the middle of a field, we witnessed an ATV hit an unforeseen ditch, flipping it and causing one of the passengers to take a serious head wound and another to break their collarbone. Brother Lou quickly jumped into action and escorted the father and mother of the group back to their vehicle truck as I packed up the kids and a few belongings. Once they were all back inside their vehicle, they proceeded to the hospital and we later received word that everyone was on the mend. After that, we finished our lunch and decided to depart for our next stop! 

For camp Saturday night, we read some great reviews online about an overlook called “The Edge of the World” and decided we had to check it out. The road although unmarked was quite easy to follow and Navigator Nina lead us down the path without delay. The road was smooth. It had some washboard sections and even caused Winston to fall out of his chair. He wasn’t pleased. As we neared the end of the 26 mile journey, I grew increasingly frustrated as there was no overlook in sight. The trail was very scenic as it curved through forests but as Bilbo said, I wanted to see mountains! As we reached the end, I was not disappointed. 

We approached the ledge quickly yet carefully and witnessed a breath taking landscape of Sedona from the North. We immediately snapped some photos and I launched the drone for an aerial shot. Winston could not care less and promptly got back to his favorite camping activities: eating sticks and digging holes. We set up camp and had some chicken sausage tacos and veggies for dinner. No one went to bed hungry. There was a fire ban in effect there as well so Saturday was another dark yet slightly warmer night. Despite good conversation and sharing of memories, we turned in early for the 2nd night. 

As Nina and I woke Sunday morning, poor baby Winnie had developed a bit of an eye infection from all the dirt and we decided to pack up early and head back home to take him to a vet. We went back the way we came in, aired up and said our goodbyes as we turned west for home. Winston received the care he needed at the expense of some of his eyelashes but he too is on the mend. Everyone made it home safe and will be ready for another trip soon!

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