Friday, October 16, 2020

10/16 Hiking on Bristlecone Trail at Mount Charleston

Our good friend Eric visited us and we wanted to show him what else Las Vegas had to offer so off to Mount Charleston we go! This time we decided to try some trails in Lee Canyon instead of Kyle Canyon. We decided that Upper Bristlecone Trail would be a good choice. The reviews showed a decent climb with plenty of views at a high elevation! So we headed out and drove on up. 

The trailhead was very easy to find and we quickly parked the car, packed up and embarked on our journey. The trailhead was right next to the ski resort so we gave that a good gander on the first few steps. Winston was of course very excited and led our group of 4 right up the trail! 

The first two miles of the Upper were quite a bit uphill but very manageable as we walked through trees and forests. During our climb, Winston found a nice home to take a little nap in. He didn't seem to mind all the dirt and leaves! Of course we couldn't stay so we pushed on. As we continued through the forest, the trail eventually started opening up and exposing us to more and more sun. This was quite nice as the temperatures at such a high elevation were very comfortable. 

The trail was very well marked and rather easy to follow. The forest continued to thin as we found ourselves on top of  ridge after ridge. The path leveled out and we were no longer needing to climb and just continued on flat ground. As we wrapped up the two miles of the upper trail, we came across the fork with the lower portion of the trail and had to decide if we wanted to turn back or continue onto the longer lower fork. Since we thought the lower fork could only descend, we turned right and proceeded on course! 

As it turns out, the lower fork was well groomed and a consistent descend. As a result, we made much better time on the way down. 

The total distance was 6.26 miles and took 3 hours and 5 minutes with a total elevation change of 887 feet. Overall, it was a great trail and everyone had a wonderful time! 

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