Saturday, March 12, 2022

3/12 Off-Roading Wheeler's Pass in Spring Mountains, NV

Bruce the Bronco finally got a chance to stretch his legs on a real trail and we brought some friends old and new to join in! This is a trail I've done many times before in the Tacoma but never in the Bronco so I was excited to give it a run. The trailhead is only 40 minutes from the house so it makes for an easy day trip. On the way out, we stopped at subway for some lunch action and met up with the group at Lowe's. After a short drive, we aired down and got ready to get going! 

Wheeler's Pass isn't a very difficult trail as long as you stick to the primary path. There are a few washes that you can hit but I'd recommend you have 33's with sliders/skids for that. For the primary route, stock SUVs will do just fine! We start at 4,000 feet MSL and slowly work our way up to around 8,400 feet. This climb gives us plenty of chances to see the sights of the Nevada desert especially on a nice clear day like this! 

We stopped at the top for lunch. No one enjoyed stopping for some sunshine more than Winston! I brought his 50 foot leash and tied him up to the front bumper allowing him to check out each vehicle and see who had the best sub for lunch. I'm pretty sure he taste tested every single one! 

After lunch, my buddy Shaun spotted me as I tested out Bruce's best features on some nearby boulders. I hit the auto sway bar disconnect, put on both E-lockers and put it in 4 Lo and first. I was immediately surprised how slow and controlled first gear was - much slower than the Taco. I definitely exceeded the down travel of the rear suspension but was still pleasantly surprised by how well the Bronco performed! After that, we headed back down the hill, aired up, and went our separate ways. Until next time!