Wednesday, October 28, 2020

11/28 Hiking at Keystone Thrust in Red Rock Canyon

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year by hosting Nina's mom Luisa at our home in Las Vegas! Of course, Winston was excited to have her especially since she brought treats for him to enjoy. Grandparents are the best! 

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner full of ham, chicken, and Nina made cranberry sauce to go on top. It was all very good! However, we all felt a little guilty and a bit heavier the next morning so we decided to get some fresh air and head out into the mountains for a scenic afternoon. We picked Red Rock since it was close to the house and it is always an enjoyable Park. Lately, Red Rock has changed their policy requiring a prior arranged reservation for park access. We, as locals, were well aware of the change but noticed many families getting turned away at the gate. It was pleasant to have fewer guests in the park and hopefully will lead to long-term recovery of the park. 

Nina and I have hiked many of the trails at Red Rock so we picked one we haven't done yet. We agreed on a trail called Keystone Thrust. It is marked as a intermediate trail with scenic views. As we parked the car to set off on our afternoon stroll, we quickly got into our vibe. Winston naturally led the way only making a few wrong turns here and there. It's tough when your eyes are only a foot and a half off the ground. 

This trail was an out and back meaning there would be a definite end where you had to turn around to come back the way you entered. When we reached the turn around point, we stopped to take in the views while enjoying the beautiful views. I packed apples and oranges for our lunch. Winston ate more of my apple than I did but he was happy. We took one last look around and headed back to the car. The total distance was 2.38 miles with a duration of 1:44. After our hike, we drove the rest of the scenic drive trail while Winston settled down for a nap. We were a bit hungry so stopped by Lazy Dogs, our fav, for some takeout. All in all, a great day! 


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