Saturday, January 27, 2024

1/27 - Hiking the Anniversary Narrows by Lake Mead

Our friends Alex and Erin reached out to hike a trail that has been on his bucket list a long time - the Anniversary Narrows by Lake Mead. It is in the National Park so about an hour away from the house. The weather this time of year was a bit chilly in the morning so we decided to meet at 1PM at the trailhead. 

We let Winston and Koa say hi then drove the two miles on a dirt road to get closer to the actual narrows part. There was a decent sized ledge so we decided to park the trucks and do the rest on foot. After a couple hundred feet, we arrived at the start of the narrows. I've been to the narrows by Mt Charleston but this one was much longer and deeper. 

This trail had some scrambling to do where we had to pick up the dogs and put them on top of the ledge. But, there were a couple spots where there was a human path and a dog path. Winston loved going under or around the rocks on his own little trail. 

Once we crossed the narrows, we had a quick snack and turned back and went back through. Our total distance was just over 4 miles and took us an hour and 51 minutes. It was a short trail but worth it! 


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