Saturday, October 1, 2022

10/1 Hiking Raintree Trail in Mount Charleston, NV

As fall was swinging into full gear, we wanted to head up and see the trees turn colors. We thought, what better way to see that than to hike up to the oldest known tree in Nevada - the Raintree! This trail starts off of Kyle Canyon by the Hilltop Campground and has a small parking lot for 12-15 cars to park at. Once we packed up and headed up, it was refreshing to get into the cooler, clearer air! 

This trail was very easy to follow as it ascended through the trees. It was a bit of an uphill so we took our time climbing up. Near the top of the trail, we hiked along the ridgeline which gave us great views overlooking the valley but the best part of the hike was still yet to come as we approached the Raintree at the end! 

This tree is thought to be at least 3,000 years old and is significantly bigger than any of the other trees around it. It is conveniently just 0.2 miles downhill from the Mummy Springs which provides the tree with a constant source of water contributing to it's large growth. 

After visiting the tree, we found a nearby log and had a short lunch. We always pack a serving of puppy chow for Winston since he rarely eats in the morning before we go while Nina and myself snacked on some salted almonds. After our snack, we headed back to the car to head back home having enjoyed our hike. Our total distance was 5.8 miles over 3 hours and 5 minutes and ascended 1,586 feet! 


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