Sunday, October 10, 2021

10/8 - 10/10 Camping in Utah


“Camping doesn’t always mean roughing it” I thought our roof top tent set up brought us out of peasant status, but boy were we wrong! Enter our friends and fellow Winston dog parents, they opened our eyes to a whole new camping experience! 

Just to set the stage here: full electricity, running solar powered shower, a full on kitchen, a “theater” tent with a projector screen and gas heater! I mean we really have been roughing it compared to these pros! Suddenly we are both looking at trailers to buy, something we’ve sworn we would never invest in. 

We went to an amazing little known campsite; sorry followers were keepin' this one a secret! We rolled in after dark so it was hard to make out the landscape until the morning, but the views were well worth the wait. Camp was a 5 minute hike from the edge of the cliff, per usual I (Nina) lost sensation in my legs when seeing the giant drop! Scott got some great drone footage and used his fancy programs to capture some breathtaking views.

Winston happily played and chased around his friend Winston, a German short hair pointer.  How’s camping with two dogs named Winston and both go by the same nicknames like win and Winnie…. It’s an adventure! Both Winston’s were off leash for the majority of the trip and loved having their independence, hunting birds and new smells. The dogs enjoyed a sophisticated array of snacks from their barkcuterie board, while we devoured our charcuterie boards! 

It was a much needed weekend of relaxation and fun with friends! Here’s a friendly reminder to all our city friends that thought camping always meant being roughing it… news flash it’s 2021 and anything is possible even streaming bravo from your theater tent! 

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